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Generally, small and midsize business often lack the time, money and know how to create and run professional cross media marketing campaigns. Many smaller businesses also do not have an internal marketing division, therefore generating high costs for the use of professional marketing agencies.


Markomi however is a marketing automation tool that does all the hard work for you. It allows you in a few steps to create professional cross media marketing campaigns without being a professional marketer. By offering a wide range of pre-defined templates you don’t need to have deep know how in Print- and Web-technology. Depending on the goals and objectives, you simply select a pre-defined template, adjust the template according to your needs and upload your addresses – done. Another advantage is the real time campaign monitoring. For running campaigns you can access live reports in order to see how successful your campaign is. In addition, as Markomi is an online application there is no software installation or upfront investment necessary.


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